Tree Removal Permit Required

Often times a tree is planted without much consideration for future growth. Many homeowners want instant gratification when planting. Whether the desired result be shade, privacy, interest or otherwise,  some areas of metro Atlanta are now forcing us to start thinking about how the tree will grow. Will it invade space, kill grass, topple fences, cause erosion? In the city of Milton, Georgia a permit is required to remove a tree. An  arborist needs to inspect the tree to be removed and provide approval before any work is done. In fact, according to their conservation ordinance, for every tree removed, one must be planted.

The project below shows before and after photos of a home in Milton, Georgia. The Leyland Cypress pictured clearly outgrew it’s space, causing too much shade and killing the sun-loving Bermuda grass lawn. Before starting the project, the homeowner had to submit an application to the city for approval to remove the tree.

Welborn After 3