About Us

Ridgway_Family_2022Greenshooz Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance, LLC is owned and operated by Chris Ridgway in Cumming, Georgia.

What’s in a Name: Many people are initially curious by the name, Greenshooz, so we thought it would be best to explain. Chris is a native of Houston, Texas.  For anyone who has been to Houston, for even an hour, they can understand the incredible amount of humidity that plagues the city. On any given morning during the summer, the average humidity is 90%, so you can imagine how much moisture the grass retains. In an effort to beat the afternoon heat, it was Chris’ habit to mow during the morning hours. So, beginning at age 10, every Saturday morning Chris would lace up his old gym shoes and cut the grass. Remarkably, by the end of the job, his shoes would be green. Hence the name Green Shoes, but with a spelling twist!

How it All Began: In 1997, Chris and his wife, Amy, met in Austin, Texas. Chris was advancing his career in retail management, and Amy was attending the University of Texas.  Both were well trained in landscaping by parents with green thumbs, and as children were always encouraged to help out around the house, especially outside. As their relationship grew, so did their love to landscape. Apartment living was no excuse not to beautify their living space with nature.  The flowerbeds outside of their front doorsteps were always filled with annual flowers, and balconies, porches, and patios were adorned with lavish container gardens.

In 2002, Chris and Amy bought their first home in Alpharetta, Georgia and their passion for the land was in full bloom.  Weekends were spent outside working hard on home and landscape improvement projects, and Chris and Amy were affectionately labeled “Weekend Warriors” by their neighbors. As their talent improved so did their confidence and ambition, and in December 2004, Chris took a leap of faith and started the business. He began by pressure washing driveways and mowing lawns in the subdivision, and thanks to the support of neighbors, family, and friends, the business grew.

Love What You Do: Passion and authenticity are keys to living to your fullest potential, and Chris firmly believes that life is more fulfilling when you love what you do. Although owning a business certainly has its challenges, Chris is able to maintain a healthy balance between work and family. Chris’s background in management coupled with his creativity and motivation to keep the business fresh and current have proven successful.