Going Green

In recent years, there has been a great emphasis on environmental responsibility across our nation. From recycling to energy conservation, households across America are encouraged to “be green.” Here in Atlanta, the danger of not assuming this sensible behavior is becoming more remarkable every year. We are often faced with the serious reality of drought and the threat of losing water, our once abundant resource.

Greenshooz is sensitive to these issues and is committed to promoting practices that benefit our earth. Alternative landscaping (xeriscaping), rain barrels, container gardening and suburban vegetable gardening are some of our growing initiatives.

Xeriscaping has become a smart and fashionable alternative to the exotic landscapes and stately lawns common to suburban Atlanta. It refers to the conservation of water through creative landscaping using native and drought resistant plants. Greenshooz designs and installs residential xeriscapes.

We first noticed the use of rain barrels while vacationing in Lake Tahoe. At the time, we thought it was a clever attempt by the Californians to showcase their environmental stewardship, but little did we know it was actually the result of their locally imposed water restrictions. After witnessing a remarkable drought in Atlanta ourselves, rain barrels have become more popular to our region and our business. Greenshooz builds and installs rain barrels for residential use.

Suburban Vegetable Gardens are a growing trend among those conscientious of the quality and price of retail produce. Did you know that an average dinner travels 1500 miles from field to fork? Slow Food and Eating Local are both movements that encourage local farming. Greenshooz provides services that help promote your backyard bounty by building raised vegetable and herb beds that allow you to plant, harvest, and enjoy fresh food.