Millennial Landscape

It’s common practice to update a living room with the latest wall color, throw pillows and even area rugs. Inspiration often comes from online magazines and pinboards displaying the better homes and gardens we long for ours to become. Simple changes to a room create an updated look letting visitors know that home goods have been selected with style in mind. These common practices in interior design are also appreciated outside.

Millennial Gardeners are thinking in both ecological and economic terms. Waste not, want not. Keeping landscape designs simple, efficient, and low maintenance is key. Millennial homeowners seek minimalist style and want clean lines, intentional interest, and new materials to boast of socially without breaking a sweat or breaking out a hose.

Our latest projects reflects a millennial landscape style that is in line with the architectural guidelines of the neighborhood while adhering to a less-is-more approach. Take a look at some before and after photos.

Hoffman After 2Hoffman Before 2

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