1 Backyard, 3 Different Ways

In the spring, we had the pleasure of working on a backyard that was quite familiar. In fact, just two years prior, we designed and installed a project at the same home. As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks.

The needs and styles were unique for each homeowner. The house is less than ten years old and began as a “builder basic” with a small concrete patio, patchy grass, overgrown plantings, and pinestraw to cover the flowerbeds.

When the second owner purchased the home, we were steered toward her modern and minimalist style. So we extended the concrete patio making room for more outdoor entertaining, removed the sod, installed a few plantings, and covered the exposed dirt with mulch.

A couple of years later, a third family moved in with their own needs and wants. They were drawn to the warmth and familiarity of a flagstone patio and insisted upon bringing a lush lawn back to the yard. We also installed plantings which gave a wonderful yellow contrast to the green giants flocking the fence line, scented tea olives at the patio’s edge adding to the outdoor ambiance, and a much-needed privacy hedge.

We created a video showcasing the designs and now viewers can get a feel for how one yard can look 3 different ways.