Over the years, Greenshooz has entered a niche market among a growing trend of landscaping in the northern suburbs of Atlanta: small spaces, big impact. We proudly specialize in transforming modestly-sized residential landscapes into fantastically designed outdoor living spaces. Our goal is to maximize the potential of your existing landscape while personalizing it among your neighbors.  We work quickly and cost effectively from concept to creation offering ideas that compliment your home’s distinct style.

Example of Landscaping Services, In Layman’s Terms:

  • updating your overgrown landscape
  • installing a stone walkway or pathway
  • enhancing your outdoor living space by adding a patio, firepit or stone seating wall
  • staging your front porch, back patio or deck with lush, show-stopping containers
  • tackling “problem areas” like poor soil conditions, shady spots, drainage issues and slopes
  • adding a water feature like a pond or fountain to your yard
  • creating an eco-friendly, drought tolerant landscape (xeriscape)

If you are looking for ideas, check out Greenshooz Landscape Design Photos.