The Power of Water

One of the biggest factors influencing landscaping is water. Runoff can ruin a yard. Years of erosion rob the soil of nutrients and structure preventing growth of almost anything -even grass. Areas where water is not channeled properly can even increase the size and degree of damage to a property. Fortunately, there are solutions. One design idea that we often use is a dry creek bed. It’s a beautiful way of collecting and directing water in and to a specific area that blends well with the surroundings, complimenting the overall landscape. Dry creek beds are created with smooth, round river stones.

In the featured project, a dry creek bed was installed and large boulders were strategically added. Repetition of the boulder rocks in the creek bed and other areas of the landscape created cohesiveness in the design. Here, the dry creek bed also divides the design into two areas, a mulch bed  with “woodland” plantings and a natural area with pine straw.

Schmuckal After 2


Schmuckal Before 2