Still stunned by the Super Trending, Super Creepy Super Bowl Commercial? Take a break from the water-cooler hype and focus your attention on planning the best backyard of 2016! Oh, and here are 200+ photos from HGTV to get you inspired!

Nature House – the new greenhouse?

A Sweedish family gives new meaning to living in a bubble. They built a greenhouse around their home and refer to it as a “Nature House,” proclaiming to be nearly self-sufficient. They conserve energy, grow food, and harvest bacteria – true engineers and scientists.

Lighten Up!

Thanks to a little HGTV inspiration, we’ve shared a couple of ways to lighten up and brighten up a winter landscape. Winter annuals are typically a reliable go-to, but sadly are not fairing well with the wet and cloudy winter weather this year. Instead, outdoor lighting just might be the answer that you’re looking for to create … Continue reading

Mission to Mars: Growing Zinnias

NASA is growing their first flowering plants on the International Space Station and the lucky Zinnia is making her debut! Astronauts are studying how light, water, airflow and other environmental factors effect the ability for plants to live and thrive in places other than planet earth. Read On!

Are you counting the days?

Wet winter weather in metro Atlanta leaves nothing to be desired for outdoor enthusiasts like landscapers. However, there is always the hope of spring! This year, in the eastern time zone, it will technically be Sunday, March 20 at 12:31 am. The total duration of spring is 92 days, 18 hours, and 3 minutes. So … Continue reading

How to Hide a Hot Tub

This article featured on DIY, offers some fantastic solutions to incorporating hot tubs into a deck or patio. Most of us think of them above ground, but some have taken the plunge and sank into the scene. Simply gorgeous.

FirePLACE or FirePIT?

When a design plan calls for a fire-feature, we have to determine whether a fireplace or a firepit will work in the space allotted. Furthermore, the habits of the homeowners are always a consideration. Sometimes when dealing with small spaces, we’ll even suggest a moveable firepit on top of a patio so that the area can be further … Continue reading

Why We Love Our Customers

It’s always nice to get a compliment, especially when it’s unexpected. A couple of weeks ago, one of our longtime customers sent us a hand-written note to thank us for our personal service. She was thrilled to receive our annual Christmas card and appreciated our continued care. Her effort truly made our day – thanks … Continue reading