Everything’s Coming Up Roses

In 2000, knockout roses became the best-selling plant in the country because of their ease of maintenance and continuous bloom. More than 250,000 bushes were sold that year. Although lacking in fragrance, they were the first “no-maintenance” rose ever introduced. However, the knockouts quickly became susceptible to mites which spread a virus known as Rose Rosette and were banned from further … Continue reading

Knowing When To Drop the Hose and Walk Away

It’s spring, and Atlanta garden enthusiast are itching (their eyes and nose) to get outside and do something to beatify their yard with the best bloomers on the block. But wait just a minute – it’s Georgia, remember? Near freezing temperatures over the weekend reminded us not to go overboard on summer annuals just yet. Typically we’re … Continue reading

How to Make Your Front Yard Look BIGGER

New homes built to code in Forsyth County, Georgia generally need a shade tree planted in the front yard. Regardless of how close the homes are together or how fast and tall the tree may grow, it’s the law. Eight to ten years down the road, those trees can pose a problem to underground utilities, sidewalks, and driveways. Furthermore, … Continue reading

Back By Popular Demand

OK, so we got the hint. You LOVE before and after photos. Go ahead and check out one of this week’s projects, but beware of overindulgence.

Dramatic Before & After Reveal

If you’re like most HGTV junkies, the last 5 minutes of any home improvement show is the real enjoyment! So without further ado, feast your eyes on some amazing before and after photos of a beautiful estate home in Cumming, Georgia.


Not all of our projects are glamorous – some are just plain necessary. Here’s a backyard that was eroding behind the preexisting railroad tie retaining wall. Our solution: backfill with rip rap rock and dirt, compact down, and viola! Oh, and watch out below! This yard brings new meaning to cliff-hanger.

Trends Shift from Inside to Outside

Many of us have been hypnotized by the all white trend in home decorating over the past few years, and according to Monrovia, the trend is heading from the house to the garden. “The clearest color trend is a more toned-down palette with a focus on calm and harmony, particularly shades of white from crisp to snowy, … Continue reading

Pinterest Out! Houzz In!

Looking to renovate your landscape? For home improvement enthusiasts, the shift from “pinboards” to “ideabooks” has been made! Professionals and homeowners alike are turning to Houzz for thousands of inspirational photos! Log on, sign up, check out our Greenshooz Houzz Profile, create an ideabook, and collaborate with us! Let’s get started on your dream project!  

Alluring Pathways

Garden pathways are a wonderful design element in any landscape. They create a sense of wonder and excitement of what is up ahead, and slow your walk to intentionally enjoy and discover the surrounding beauty.  We recently installed a flagstone walkway leading from the driveway to the backyard of cottage-style home in Cumming, Georgia. It … Continue reading

February in Georgia: Garden Checklist

The acclaimed Walter Reeves has given us a great list of garden”to-do’s” for February, weather permitting. We’ve identified those that are most relevant. • Redesign your lawn for easier mowing. Eliminate sharp angles and narrow turf areas. Use mulch, new flower beds or a groundcover like mondo grass there instead. • The brown foliage on pampas grass … Continue reading