Knowing When To Drop the Hose and Walk Away

It’s spring, and Atlanta garden enthusiast are itching (their eyes and nose) to get outside and do something to beatify their yard with the best bloomers on the block. But wait just a minute – it’s Georgia, remember? Near freezing temperatures over the weekend reminded us not to go overboard on summer annuals just yet. Thoseypically we’re not in the clear to plant warm-weather-lovers until mid to late April, so try to be patient.

Yes, the sunshine is a tease – not only motivating us to get planting, but also rolling out the hose and watering. But beware: one of the top killers of plants and trees is over-watering. Most of the time, the ground in early spring is still fairly moist from the cooler temperatures of winter – so we really shouldn’t even worry about watering until temperatures are consistently in the 70’s or above. Unless you’ve recently planted or transplanted, put the hose down and learn when to water.