March Lawn and Garden Tips for the South | Pike Nurseries

In the Garden

Start Planting. Start planting or filling in the backbone of your garden with trees, shrubs and vines.

Prune Camellias. Once camellias are done blooming give them a light pruning and then feed them with EB Stone 100% organic Azalea, Camellia and Gardenia Food.

Scrumptious Strawberries. Mid to late March is the ideal time for planting strawberries that you can enjoy throughout spring.

Spring Bulbs. Remember where the spring flowering bulbs were planted? Fertilize that area with one pound of EB Stone Bulb Food per 100 sq. ft. of bed.

Plan for Summer Garden Color. Now is the best time to buy summer bulbs like Gladiola, Cannas, Iris, Dahlias and Lilies. Wait until mid-April to plant.

Kill Poison Ivy and Kudzu. Spray Poison Ivy and Kudzu vines as soon as they appear with Kleen-Up.

In the House

Keep Them Growing. Make sure to fertilize houseplants and repot if needed.

Vacationing Outdoors. If some houseplants will be moving outdoors for summer make sure to give them a more roomy pot. The sun will cause their roots to grow more quickly.

For the Lawn

Reseed Fescue. When weather begins to warm, reseed your Fescue lawn or just plant seed in the bare spots.

Apply a Pre-Emergent for Crabgrass and Weed Control. In early March, apply a pre-emergent herbicide to established lawns to help control summer weeds. Remember, once you apply a pre-emerg

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