How To Turn A Side Yard Into A Glorious Garden Room

Front yards and backyards are well established in the garden playbook. But the space between the exterior of your home and the perimeter of your property is often an overlooked asset, worthy of attention.

There are many wonderful ways to design even a narrow side yard, but if the space is wide enough — measuring, say, 8 to 10 feet or more — you can practically treat it like a garden room. In a medium-scale side yard, all sorts of experiences can occur, transporting you and your guests with a garden stroll, offering a quiet and private retreat, or even capturing a pastoral scene to be observed from indoors.

There are so many great ideas for side yard designs that it made sense to divide this theme into two parts. The solutions you see here are mostly ornamental in nature. Stay tuned for a follow-up ideabook on more functional design ideas for side yards.

Here you’ll discover some of the most attractive design treatments you’ve ever seen in a midsize side garden.