Christmas Cactus

If you’re like me, you love Christmas Cacti. Not only for their ease-of-care, but for the annual anticipation of beautiful blooms popping on cue every year around the holidays. I have three such potted favorites around my home, one in particular I’ve had since college. Even as an “expert” gardener, I too have trouble getting them all to bloom in synch, and at times, years will pass with no blooms at all.

I have found that this is a common problem among us “Christmas cacti caregivers,” so I hunted for some answers.

Here are a few simple solutions to common questions about Christmas Cactus care from Walter Reeves:

The striking red, pink or white flowers of the Christmas Cactus make it an obvious candidate for holiday houseplant blooms each winter.

Imagine the consternation, though, when most of the flower buds fall off of a newly purchased plant!

Most of the time, the problem is caused by heat or dryness in the home. Christmas Cactus do best in a cool, sunny room. They also appreciate being misted once each day to keep the humidity high around the leaves.

Water the plants only when a finger thrust into the soil comes up dry. Overwatering can lead to root rot.

Christmas Cactus should be lightly fertilized in winter. They need more nutrients when spring comes and they are hung back outdoors.

It is easy to root Christmas Cactus. Simply break off a short length of branch and insert it into moist sand or potting soil. Within a few months, the section will root and send up new leaves.

Making a Christmas Cactus Bloom

Christmas cactus ā€“ HUGE size