Colorful Winter Gardens | Pike Nurseries









Tips for colorful winter gardens:

Pansies & Violas

  • Annuals (plants that need to be planted each year).
  • Great selection of different colors: every color from pale pastels to vibrant reds and yellows.
  • They are in the same family, pansies usually refer to plants with large, showy blooms. Viola blooms are smaller in size but the plants tend to bloom more profusely.
  • Plant in container gardens and flower beds.

English Primrose

  • An annual that comes in a variety of exciting colors: yellow, orange, pink, blue or purple.
  • The blooms are in clusters, so you have a dense spot of bright color, which makes them pop in containers and gardens.


  • Often used as a houseplant, Cyclamen has sweetly scented, nodding blooms that are produced on long stems, held upright above the foliage.
  • When not in bloom, this plant has beautiful heart-shaped leaves with silver marbling.
    Flowers come in shades of pink, red or white.

Hellebores Gold Collection

  • Hardy perennial with long bloom time during the winter months in the South.
  • Attractive foliage with bell or cup shaped blossoms.
  • Many different varieties to choose from with different bloom colors including white, cream, greenish and pink.
  • Deer resistant.

Cold Weather Tips

  • Water, water, water: You should water containers before a hard freeze and after the freeze. The added moisture will allow the plants to tolerate the cold and bounce back to life.
  • Don’t worry if you’re plants are droopy the day after a deep freeze. Give them time and they will usually spring back to life