Monthly Gardening Advice | Pike Nurseries


  • HOUSEPLANTS: When the holiday decorations are taken down, fill the void with houseplants. Flowering houseplants and forced bulbs will add some much needed winter color to your indoor space. 
  • COLD PROTECTION: If a freeze is expected, make sure that all outdoor plants have been watered well. Plants in containers can be grouped close together on a porch or patio, or moved to a protected area. 
  • PRUNING: Now is good time to prune overgrown trees and shrubs. Do not prune spring flowering trees and shrubs like dogwoods, flowering cherries and azaleas. Wait until after they bloom to prune them.
  •  YOU CAN STILL PLANT: You can continue to plant or transplant shrubs, trees and perennials as long as the ground is not frozen.
  • MOWER MAINTENANCE: Now is a good time to clean and maintain your lawn mower and other gardening equipment.
  • GARDEN PLANNING: This is a great time to plan your spring landscape. 
  • FEED THE BIRDS: Food sources are scarce at this time of year. Besides seed, suet cakes will attract many birds and provide the calories they need to maintain their body heat.