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Crapemyrtle – Pruning | Walter Reeves: The Georgia Gardener

One of the most confounding arguments I face is whether and how to prune crapemyrtles. They are mercilessly “murdered” by unaware landscapers and homeowners each winter… yet they still bloom in summer. Some people even believe a crapemyrtle won’t bloom unless it is severely pruned. Crapemyrtles do not HAVE TO be pruned at all. They … Continue reading

Ten Rose Pruning Tips | Fine Gardening

  Pruning time is upon us and while we’ve talked about pruning in previous posts it’s always good to review a things.  I though we’d get started with ten tips!   Ten Pruning Tips   If you can, spend them extra money for good tools.  They are easier to work with and will last a … Continue reading